Harvey-Wells BandMaster TBS-50 Transmitter

The first radio manufactured by the Harvey-Wells Electronics Co. was the model TBS-50, 80-2 Meter ham transmitter.  Production year 1947.  Later, three TBS-50 transmitter models were available, the TBS-50A with a three-tube preamp included, then the TBS-50B for CW only, the TBS-50C for carbon microphones, and the TBS-50D for crystal or high impedance dynamic microphones.  

The TBS-50 has the following controls: Starting on the base, left to right: Band switch, Microphone Input and Key Input. Just above those is the Band/Xtal Range chart, and to the right, the Crystal/VFO ports.  Above that the CW/Phone switch,  Grid & Plate switch.  Above that the Power On/Off Switch,  Meter, and  Transmit/Standby Switch. The top controls are the  Drive dial 0-14, Plate dial 0-10, Load 0-10.